understanding emotions

“The heart is seen as the seat of connection between the mind and the body, forming a bridge between the two. The mind or spirit is housed in the heart, and the blood vessels are the communication channels that carry the heart’s vital, rhythmic messages throughout the body.”

– Chinese Medicine, 2500 B.C.

Throughout history people have referred to the heart in ways that imply it has a natural intelligence.

Cultures around the world use metaphors expressing how the heart is more than a pump: Follow your heart. In your heart you know. Put your heart into it. Even our 21st century dictionaries refer to the heart as the centre of the personality.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with the heart” – Quote from an unknown source.

The Source of Emotions

Life is made up of many emotions, yet most people never fully understand the true link emotions play in creating our future.

Self esteem has two sources. One that for simplicity we call head esteem and the other emotional esteem. As a child most people are taught to not validate feelings, so we suppress emotions causing a void of hidden blocked emotions that are our unconscious triggers. These mostly are hidden but show up as anger, sadness, depression and many non-positive emotions.

As we release more of these blocks, we feel different about ourselves. Without all the unconscious garbage hidden within we find we have less triggers. Our head slows down from wanting to always judge and think to just be present. We grow our emotional esteem, hence greater self esteem, self image and more positive expectations.

The following video provides an overview of the true source of success, our unconscious emotion source.

Ultimately with growth and more emotional self understanding, we shift our unconscious programming, so that our emotions conspire to help achieve our desires. All based on the theory we don’t get what we want in life, we get what our unconscious conditioning creates.

The Emotion Unblocking (Emotional Clearing) technique is a way of supporting peak human performance by healing the source of any negative emotions or thoughts that may occur. It is a method that allows a person to release past programming and emotions that limit their ability to maximise future success.

 The following video by Robert C Robertson is about understanding emotions as the core of self esteem and true expression.

True Self Esteem and Human Performance

The challenge to real emotional esteem, to feel on track and achieve all natural occurring human desires is to live in the now, to be present in all aspects of life. Being present is not over thinking the future or dwelling on the past. The past is education, any problem or challenge can be viewed as education, evolving one’s path, to learn and change. This way we can remove the negative association with past events, to be more present.

Being fully present is about observing events without extreme emotional reactions. This is the power of the present, without judgment. It is the mind that judges, but the heart senses and feels. Hence the power of the present is to open emotionally to awaken all the senses, rather than be stuck in the head.

Present Moment Follow Intuitive Emotions above the line

The source that creates our future events in life is our unconscious programming, with has a significant influence from our emotional body. Referred to interchangeably as the unconscious or emotional source. The emotional body contains our pain body; both are filters influencing our thoughts and feelings. This is the source of separation, which when opened is the connector to all that ever is.

Our unconscious source determines our ability to be present and achieve success in any aspect of life. Our level of comfort or confidence in anything we do is heavily influenced by our unconscious source. By understanding how this process works, we can more positively grow our self esteem and influence your own motivation, energy and success.

The following video, explains more about connecting with emotions from Robert C Robertson.

Our mind is like a projector screen of our unconscious source. This unconscious source is the origin of our blocks and limiting beliefs. If a person can be described as a negative person, then their unconscious source is likely to be loaded with negative stuff. A large pain body of unresolved issues, which we call emotional blocks and unmet needs, which create the negativity, which can often manifest in health issues over time. Another example is when we are stressed, this is caused by loads of unconscious triggers, our emotional blocks.

By understanding the emotion source, we can consciously understand who we are, and how we choose to react, we may decide to be a victim or to take responsibility for our destiny. Each person decides their state. Some choose to release emotional baggage, to unlock the path to greater self esteem, opening up a more awakened, more present, and conscious high performance state. We all decide our future, most people unconsciously as they may not know any other way.

True happiness is created at our unconscious source. The key is to observe our thoughts and emotions, knowing they are not us but a reaction within us. We all have a choice, to be present, if we awaken to the power of choice in that moment. We can decide our future focus, be it anger, sadness or happiness. We can stay and dwell on things from within that negative state or the ideal is to clear the source through utilising the power of the Emotion Unblocking (Emotional Clearing) technique. To learn this 4 step unblocking process, please enter your email address on the top right of the page and you will receive these instructions via email as a PDF.

It is very important to get support by talking to others about emotions as they occur. Always seek help from health professionals if you are feeling negative emotions occur. Also check with your doctor before doing any emotional clearing to ensure the information on this site it suitable for you.

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